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Aldau Development Careers offers exciting career opportunities for individuals across various industries. Aldau Development offers a diverse range of career opportunities, spanning roles in hospitality, management, customer service, and more. All these jobs are available in United Arab Emirates and only a simple online process is required for application. Let’s delve into the enriching world of Aldau Development careers in Dubai and learn in detail about its application process.

Company Name  Aldau Development
 Job Location  Dubai
Application Mode Online
Recruitment Type Direct
Expected Salary AED 2500-5200
Qualification High school- Equivalent- Plus two – Degree Diploma
Age limit 21-40
Benefits  As per UAE labour law

About Aldau Development

Aldau Development, based in the vibrant city of Dubai, is a renowned company in the hospitality industry. With a rich history of success, the company has played a pivotal role in shaping Dubai’s dynamic landscape.he company offers diverse career opportunities across various departments, including hospitality, management, and more. For those seeking rewarding careers in one of the world’s most dynamic cities, Aldau Development is a beacon of opportunity and growth.

Opportunities at Aldau Development Careers

Category Job Positions
1. Executive Office
  • Hotel Manager
  • Executive Assistant Manager
  • Rooms Division Manager
  • PA to GM
2. Sales


  • Director of Sales
  • Asst. Director of Sales
  • Senior Sales Manager
  • Sales Manager
3. Marketing


  • Marketing Manager
  • Asst. Marketing Manager
  • Marketing Coordinator
  • Digital Marketing Coordinator
  • Graphic Designer
  • Copywriter
4. Front Office


  • Front Office Manager
  • Asst. FO Manager
  • Night Manager
  • FO Supervisor
  • Receptionist
5. Food Safety


  • Food Safety Mgr.
6. Guest Relation


  • Guest Relation Manager
  • Asst. Guest Relation Mgr.
  • Guest Relation Supervisor
  • Guest Relation Agent
7. Engineering


  • Chief Engineering
  • Asst. Chief Engineering Maintenance Engineer
  • Health & Safety Mgr.
  • Interior Designer
  • Technician
8. Human Resources


  • HR Director
  • Assistant HR Manager
  • L&D Director
  • Assistant L&D M
  • HR Supervisor
  • HR Specialist
9. Purchasing


  • Purchasing Manager
  • Asst. Purchasing Mgr.
  • Purchasing Supervisor
10. Finance


  • Financial Controller
  • Asst. Financial Controller
  • Cost Controller
  • Chief Accountant
  • Payable
  • Cashier
11. Laundry


  • Laundry Manager
  • Asst. Laundry Mgr.
  • Laundry Supervisor
  • Presser
  • Valet
  • Laundry Worker
12. Housekeeping


  • Executive Housekeeper
  • Asst. Housekeeping Mgr.
  • Housekeeping Supervisor
  • Rooms & PA Attendant
13. Security


  • Security Manager
  • Assistant Security Mgr.
  • Security Supervisor
  • Security Officer
14. F&B Service


  • F&B Director
  • Asst. F&B Director
  • F&B Manager
  • Outlet Manager
  • Headwater
  • Captain
  • Waiter
15. F&B Kitchen


  • Executive Chef
  • Executive Sous Chef
  • Sous Chef Demi Chef
  • Chef De Partie
  • 1st Commis Chef
  • 2nd Commis Chef
  • 3rd Commis Chef
16. F&B Stewarding


  • Chief Stewarding
  • Asst. Chief Stewarding
  • Stewarding Supervisor
  • Steward
17. IT


  • IT Manager
  • Asst. IT Manager
  • IT Supervisor

Benefits and Perks at Aldau Development Careers

  • Competitive Compensation: Aldau Development offers a competitive salary structure, ensuring that employees are rewarded for their skills and contributions.
  • Professional Development Opportunities: The company values continuous learning and provides various opportunities for employees to enhance their skills through training programs and workshops.
  • Supportive Work Environment: Aldau Development fosters a positive and supportive work culture, encouraging collaboration and teamwork among its employees.
  • Comprehensive Benefits Package: Employees enjoy a comprehensive benefits package, including health insurance, retirement plans, and other perks that contribute to their overall well-being.

Aldau Development Careers Expected Salary

At Aldau Development Careers, employees can expect competitive salaries that reflect their skills and experience. Salaries are structured to reward dedication and excellence, providing financial stability for employees. The average monthly salary of employees at Aldau Development ranges from 2500 to 5200 dirhams based on their skills and qualifications. Expected salary and other incentives provided by the company can be discussed during the interview process.

Application Process for Aldau Development Careers

Applying for exciting opportunities at Aldau Development Careers is a straightforward and accessible process. To kickstart your journey with us, interested candidates can submit their resumes to the designated email address. Ensure that your CV is tailored to showcase your relevant skills and experiences. Our dedicated recruitment team reviews applications thoroughly, considering each candidate’s unique strengths. Joining our team is as easy as sending an email, and we look forward to exploring the potential of having you contribute to our dynamic and innovative work environment.

The Interview Process at Aldau Development Careers

The interview process at Aldau Development Careers in Dubai is designed to be simple. Once your application is shortlisted, you may be invited for an initial interview. This could be conducted either in person or through a virtual platform, depending on the circumstances. Successful candidates may proceed to a second interview, which may delve deeper into specific job-related scenarios and your potential contributions to the company. Throughout the process, the company seeks to assess not only your qualifications but also your cultural fit within the organization. Aldau Development values open communication, so feel free to ask questions and express your enthusiasm.

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‘Aldau Development Careers in Dubai presents a promising avenue for individuals seeking enriching and dynamic professional experiences. For those aspiring to build rewarding careers in one of the world’s most dynamic cities, Aldau Development offers a platform where innovation, collaboration, and personal growth are not only encouraged but celebrated. Joining Aldau Development about becoming part of a thriving community committed to shaping the future of the hospitality industry in Dubai.



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